Monday, April 25, 2011 12:01 PM
Pameran Pedang Nabi

Best Experience Ever <3 ;



Saturday, April 2, 2011 11:10 PM
my typical satruday

today, i had 2 red bean buns from supa save+air sehat for breakfast, special dark choc Hershey's for break in school, a spicy chicken hand roll for lunch from LOF with air-sehat and Pokka Caramel Machiato - nyaman berabis that coffee but it made me farting all day long ehehe, another handroll at 5pm (the hand roll can hold up for a few hours) before i went out for a movie with bubu, kuetiaw goreng and tomyam soup for dinner from Coffee Zone and pure vanilla from Coffee Bean. we watched Man U match with West Ham first half di CF then second half pindah arah CB :D

how was your day? mine was very the typical saturday


Wednesday, March 30, 2011 11:57 PM
ujan labat

Alhamdulillah i am still alive, still the old me, although people start noticing few changes here and there. appearance saja tu, kalau inside i'm still that dorky-looking, fat girl you guys knew. :)

okey, speaking of today, i went to Pameran Pedang Nabi di Jalan Babu Diraja where Zati is currently working at. then, had a great time. Zul Baby is the same as usual - urang minat history so banyak questions and fun-fact came out from his talkative mouth. sayang ku nie kan c baby ku. ya nyanyah atu ta kira spice up our married life i mean our love life. hehe

met Zati there, she almost passed me by but then, ya kilala ku jua. hehe musti betudong kali ah ke sana so i went there not with my ordinary/boring hijab but with style!! haha. or so i thought, because every time i wear my tudong inspired by Hana Tajima who is a stylist for Yuna/malaysian Indie singer if you ever heard of her, people tend to look at me like i'm an alien. bruneians need to learn staring at other people obscurely . just do like what i do, i don't turn around immediately whenever my friend tells me there is something that i need to see behind my back. i do it in a subtle way, i probably go to the sink just to wash my hands and then go back to my friends are and at the same time i'll be looking at the person that my friend is telling me about. see? that is what i call skills. which is the most important thing if you want to stare/nantang people.

so, Zati and i talked and talked sal ya kaja sana. siuk la. well kan ku taip kali sini apa ia ceta arah ku? maybe i'll leave that part for zati to blog maybe when hati nya terbuka kan memblog. hehe

then, Zul and I went jalan2 and then the rain started to pour down heavily!! literally heavily!! haha. angin nya kuat berabis and betamparik lagi apa. so Zul cakap kan singgah arah bangunan kuning arah batu satu sal kan meliat barang. i looked at the clock it was about 4pm. so hiking arah tasek cancelled and Aira tweeted to me the night before she won't be coming cuz ya cakap ya busy so i thought she would not go to the track and field. :p

then, masa kan mencari parking dalam angin kencang and ribut atu. kami nampak this woman sama strollernya mcm beujan arah across the street. so, we looked hard and pity started to fill in our tiny little black hearts - kesian jua. then diliat lagi, banyak kerita laju melintas durang and this woman mcm struggling sal lupak atu kana langgar uleh kerita2 which was very inconsiderate of them. kami ingat ia bawa sampah rupanya diliat lagi sekali ada a pair of tiny legs!! so i panicked!! kesian jua!! kanak2 jua tu keujanan sama mamanya. and i told Zul to go to help them. i waited in the car tapi inda nyaman rasa ati kan duduk dalam kerita jua. so i picked up an umbrella and went out to payungkan the mother while the mother was carrying the stroller and Zul was carrying that poor little girl. that little girl was shaking really hard. kesian ku, menahan aing mata udah ku tu.

so i asked the mom, where she was heading to. katanya kan ngantat nasi arah bangunan kuning. ada orang order katanya. and i asked her where she was gonna head next, did she have a ride or anything? she said no, so i told her, bah antat tia dulu nasi ah, kami ngantat balik lapas anie. haha. Zul got the car and i carried that girl sal takut ia hypothermia or something and we sent the poor mother and daughter arah tambing dakat Kubah Makam Diraja. urang Sungai Tampoi. so singan the jetty or payil as what the call it. :p urang KB kali ah mana ada kan ke tambing.

Zul and I were wet as well. nya c Zul bau mandus!! haha cali eh that word. katanya that is a smell from a wet sock. ewww.. haha. so went to his home in rimba. karing kan baju sana and watched DVD dalam biliknya. ceta Cina. Andy Lau yoo!! inda pandai tua ia atu. hehe. Zul ku kiyut, kalau ia meliat ceta romantic comedy cina ia macam anie: senyum2, ampas2, malu2 - kambang la usulnya. haha mcm ia ta plang yang kan becinta sama Andy Lau. hehe. and i like watching him cematu. macam vulnerable sulnya and yet sweet. yang penting siuk la cerita atu. ganya corny bah. and Zul said i had no heart at all! haha. coming from someone yang ganas looking. hehe.

maybe singan sini. my exams are around the corner. sebulan lagi tinggal :s so i'll be gone in a while inda batah lagi. good night. hope to hear from other WEWE soon..

lotsoflove, Mai


11:21 PM

i wanna say lots of things but it has been awhile. so i don't know where to start. maybe i'll think of something then i'll write. :D


Wednesday, February 23, 2011 5:17 PM
A year Ago.. 30122009 to be exact




Sunday, February 20, 2011 11:44 PM

I could really use some advice right now..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 10:13 AM
FOODS! *teasing urg atu*

This post is about nothing *liat mai* 
yummeyy..*liat mai w/ one eye close*
yum yum yum yummmmmmehh 
hi mai


9:55 AM
birthday cake and frens!

Again, this is the how-many-times of my belated cake surprise! lovin' it! lup u girls =D
Padan th si aiira malar kjmbn, ku pkir psl gigi nya byk menyangkut sushi. HOHO.
neways! TQ TQ TQ! plus mai, bju yg kau bgi frm spore lovin IT! *liat aiira,lps tu senyum2*

and yea, watched furry vengeance, kinda movie for kids, but it's fun to watch. hilarious!
Met si jul yg balom mandi di qlap mall den jln2 tunggu smpai lapar and kami (incl jul )nyingah k umah si Baby Farzana!! "lawa~~" "kaka jaty lawa~~" "" hahahaha.
Lastly our last stop arh TAMU SELERA! Kami smua mkn nasi ayam penyet(penyek?) yumyum..nyaman smbal nya. huhuhu.. taisliur ku trus

orite! atu saja! hehe.. mun da laptop ku panjang plng post ni :P



Sunday, May 30, 2010 12:00 AM
HapPy Birthday Jaty!